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Kent Archie hails from the Midwest of America. Specifically Cleveland, Ohio. Born and raised on the eastside of the city is where Kent Archie learned to spit freestlyes and deliver rhymes at the age of 8. Fast forward to 2010 and you’d find him in Bucharest, Romania starting his rap group The Bridge Committee with his friend and actor Jazz Opt (Cosmin Dominte). They took the Romanian rap scene by surprise with their unique and creative style of music. By merging their two cultures together they created a great tasting gumbo that the hip hop heads couldn’t get enough of. Once they dropped the Fuck That music video (off of the Romanglish album) that gave them the fuel they needed to push onward and grasp the attention of their fans and peers alike.

Now that Kent Archie is back home (forcefully due to the violation of overstaying his tourist visa by three and half years) he’s finally getting his long overdue solo LP ready to share with the world.
In May 2016 Kent Archie got his feet wet by releasing his first solo EP T.H.O.T.C.I.O. or The Horse On The Corner Is Ours. Every track on the project was made by his long time friend and musical mad genius Mike Miles. These two coming together with a completely different sounding rap album that opened the flood gates for Kent Archie to pursue his first solo LP album (The Thoughts In My Head)


To say Kent Archie is just a hip hop artist would be an understatement. He brings so much more to the table. Not only does he make music, he’s also creator of the Lafenstock clothing brand and he’s recently tapping into the world of online radio with his Lafenstock Late Night Morning show on Redlineradiollc.


So with his first solo LP album (The Thoughts In My Head) approaching, along with the growth of his clothing brand, and venture into the online radio world, Kent Archie seems as if he’s grabbing life by the horns and making the most out of the ride.