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Monday, Wednesday Thursday 10am – 12pm

The Cameron Mascella Show 

This show will be dedicated to sports, pop culture, and whatever else the listener might want. I hope you tune in and help make this show the best it can be!
The show runs from 10am to 12pm every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday on Redline Radio.
I also have a personal YouTube page and Twitch account. Just search Cameron Mascella on YouTube and my Twitch account is charaznable0087. I will be running live streams as well as some gaming with you the fans! For adds on Xbox send a private message!
What was once just a dream for me is now a reality, and I hope to bring you all along for the ride!

Let’s Talk Asphalt Racing

Let’s Talk Asphalt Racing Live with your host Dynomite Dave. Join him every Monday night from 7 pm-9 pm to recap the week in racing from all your local short tracks, and with live call in you never know who might be a guest on the show! Don’t miss out on a moment of racing!  Sit back and get your popcorn ready, it’s hard on the throttle every Monday night!!!


Derby Talk

Derby Talk will be on temporary hiatus beginning May 29th.

Derby Talk with your host Jeremy. Join him on Tuesday night from 7 pm – 9pm for the most up to date information on demolition derbies! Derbydog Productions promotes 20 shows in Ohio and western PA at varies county fair’s and other such motor sports venues. Stop in to Derby Talk to find one near you today!



Redline Off-road with your host Stephanie will help get you ready for your next off-raoad adventure!  This show geared to all off-road machines will help introduce you to new parks, manufacturers, specs, perks, special interests and rider safety!   Join us the second and fourth Wednesday of each month from 7pm  -8pm!

Special Cancer Ride, click here for more details: East Cost SxS Cancer Ride

CRS Round-up

Coming back beginning April 25th! – CRS ROUND UP with host Billy Strehle!  The CRS truck racing series will be promoting upcoming events, drivers, rules, tracks and standings!  Don’t miss the CRS Round Up from 8p-9p.


The Good Life

Thursday nights from 7p-8p your host Brandi! The Good Life is all about “living the good life”. I’ll be discussing multiple topics, such as the ever-rewarding, amazing mom life, from hiding in the bathroom eating snacks to kids saying the darndest (and seemingly always inappropriate) things. Updates on celebrity news, because let’s face it, you like the Kardashians more than you let on. We will also be talking about local do-gooders doing great things in their neighborhoods, and regularly spotlighting local small business owners and entrepreneurs!

Table Talk Tangent’s

Table Talk Tangent’s with your hosts Sid, Kevin and Safdar! Their multi topic show has it all – Sports, movies, TV, current events, race, religion, conspiracies, and that’s not all!. We’ll talk about anything we’re passionate about. Check them out Thursday nights 9pm – 11pm!



All Ball with Brandon & Cody

Are you a sports junkie?  Then you really want to check out All Ball with Brandon and Cody!  All Ball will keep you up to date on trades, moves, major sports and local from our hometown!  Giving you interesting perspectives from our knowledge of sports.  Ask us anything!  Catch All Ball with Brandon and Cody Friday nights from 7:30pm – 9pm!


Redline Radio Sports PODCAST


The Alternative

The Alternative returns to Sunday mornings on April 29th from 10am – 12pm with Dynomite Dave. Get his football picks for the week, catch up on baseball, basketball, trades, drafts and more! The Alternative – Your pick for Sports and Entertainment!





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