Our Teams

We here at Redline Radio LLC support our local short track racing, whether it be sponsoring teams or jumping on the mic.  We hope that you too will check out the teams, their pages, their local tracks and go cheer them on!  Local racing season is April through October, and some even run special winter races!  Check out the teams here or on their team pages!


Coyote Racing Truck Series (CRS Trucks)

MacKeigan Motorsports – Lorain County Speedway

#40 Jacob MacKeigan

Team GreenThe Painesville Speedway

# 58 Mike Davis

# 75 John Nelson

# 14x David Oldenburgh

# 77 Tom Oldenburgh


Nails Motorsports – The Painesville Speedway

# 7 Brandon Nails

# 10 Hayden Nails

# 18 Rocky Nails



We spend the winters tearing them down and rebuilding them.  Blood. Sweat. Tears. Broken Axles. Blown Motors. Fights.  Through it all we hope to see the checker flag come our way as we cross the line.  It isn’t the money, but the fans that drive us to be the best week after week.  Without the support of our family and friends, what we love would be no longer.  Fans, we ask that you grab the kids, the neighbors, the coworkers, even the in-laws and head out to a local track this weekend!  We know you won’t be disappointed! – Our Drivers!